About the Project

Quality Homecare for Everyone

Better Homecare improves the quality of life.

Better Homecare thorough Collaboration


Home care services across Europe varies country to country, and even sometimes between regions. In some countries home care is provided with well structured system as a part of health or welfare services. Beyond the formal home care, informal home carers are important in providing home care. These home carers are mostly family members; sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.

Informal care givers provide services as good as based on their knowledge. If informal care givers are enriched with appropriate health and home care knowledge their efforts will be more beneficial to the end user; namely who is being taken care of.

The aim of the home care project is to determine the needs of informal home carers and those we are in need of their services; and providing appropriate home care training to the informal home carers. The projects priority is to make informal care givers’ services more beneficial by training them. In doing so the informal care givers provide better home care.